What Does Healthy Weight Loss Look Like?

One of the most important questions that we address in our Angels Medical Houston Family Clinics on a regular basis is, “How fast can I lose weight?” And you know what, we totally get it. When you decide to put in the focus and discipline to lose weight you want to see the results of your efforts as fast as possible.

But the truth is, it’s important to make sure if you’re losing weight you’re doing so the right way, the healthy way. So often men and women who are trying to lose weight give themselves unrealistic goals to try and achieve. 

Like, “I want to lose 10 pounds for my wedding next week!”

Or, “I need to be down 3 sizes to fit in my favorite bikini for our family vacation next month.”

Reading these statements right now it’s probably easy to identify that these are unrealistic goals, but when the pressure is on and you want to feel better about yourself, it’s too easy to fall into traps like these. When you want to not only lose a few pounds, but also keep them off for good, it’s important to keep these 4 rules for healthy weight loss in mind.

Rule #1- There Aren’t Any Shortcuts To Diet and Exercise 

No matter how much we wish there were magic pills that made the body burn more calories or took away our desire to eat sugary or salty foods… that’s never going to be the case. When it comes to improving your health and seeing a real difference in your body NOTHING can replace those good habits of healthy eating and regular physical activity.

When you come into Angels Medical to get support from our expert medical providers we will happily set you up with a weight loss program designed to match your personal needs, and we’ll offer supplements and appropriate medical procedures to help you on your journey to your goal. But above all it’s our goal to help you establish healthy habits that are going to have a lasting impact on your health and lead to successful weight control in the future.

Rule #2- Focus on Small Improvements

It has been shown that even small improvements can make a HUGE difference in your health and the quality of your life. From lowering blood pressure to cholesterol and blood sugar levels, when you bring the stressors down (weight, poor nutrition etc) you’re going to see great improvements in your body’s ability to function properly. 

A recent article by the CDC points out that the benefits aren’t just in the numbers either! For example, those who successfully lose weight and keep it off can see increased energy levels, mobility, improvements in mood and self-confidence. 

And WebMD says, “According to the 2001 U.S. surgeon general’s report on obesity, a number of studies show that weight loss as modest as 5%-15% of excess body weight reduces risk factors for a variety of serious medical concerns, particularly cardiovascular disease, at least in the short term.” 

So when you hit those plateaus and you’re struggling to stay motivated just remember, every little step is making a BIG difference in your health and the quality of your future life. 

Rule #3- Slow and Steady Wins- It’s Not A Race!

While every body is different, there are a few truths that apply to every person trying to lose weight, and this is one of them. Science has proven time and time again weight loss isn’t a race it’s a lifestyle. People who succeed in long term weight loss lose it a little at a time, we’re talking 1 to 2 pounds per week- that’s it! 

Your body actually has limits as to how much fat it can burn in a week, which means beyond those couple pounds you’re going to be burning away muscle– and that’s no good! If you push your body too hard, or if you’re not committed to the change and just want quick fix results, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll gain back all the weight and chances are even more than you had at first. 

While it requires a lot of patience and persistence, steadily working those pounds away enables your body to actually purge the fat and retain the muscle for GOOD so you’ll come out feeling STRONGER and looking more like the person you want to see in the mirror. 

Rule #4- Remember The Benefits Go Far Beyond YOU

We all want to do what’s best for our families! We want to raise our kids to be intelligent, capable, confident, contributing members of society. We want to be supportive, happy, engaged partners or spouses. But no matter how much we would like to change the facts, when you aren’t feeling your best you aren’t able to give your best to your family. 

Your example is far reaching, it will impact friends, family, and people in your community whom you interact with on a regular basis. Making the choice to commit to healthy weight loss is not just great for you, it’s a decision that will benefit everyone in your life. Perhaps most importantly, this commitment is going to help you feel your best so you can really give your best self to the people you love.


Even if all you can commit to today is eating more fruits and vegetables, the benefits of choosing healthy weight loss are immense. So, while it may seem like a daunting task, let these 4 rules help you make lasting changes in your life. 

And if you’re discouraged, remember that all of us here at Angel’s Medical are cheering you on! And what’s more, we’d love to help! Come on down to see us and let us help get you started in your very own weight loss program customized to fit your lifestyle and your goals. 

Really though! Don’t wait a moment longer! Head on over right now, you don’t need an appointment and you’ve got nothing to lose. Let’s talk about helping you become the YOU of your dreams. 

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