Treatment for ADD & ADHD

ADD and ADHD are two acronyms for the same condition, although ADHD is the current medical term. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. With this condition, people have problems maintaining attention, controlling impulses or hyperactivity. ADHD is not only a condition for children. In fact, 30% – 70% of kids with ADHD will continue to have symptoms when they grow up. If left untreated, this medical condition can have a negative impact at work or in relationships at home. Although each person is different, there are three groups of symptoms for those with ADHD: Inattention, Hyperactivity and Impulsivity.
A person with ADHD will have visible problems maintaining attention. For example, a person with ADHD will have a tendency to procrastinate assignments or frequently move from one thing to the next without finishing them. Here are some of the most common symptoms of inattention you might expect to see from a person with ADHD:
Being forgetful about typical daily activities such as lunch or an appointment.
Easily distracted by simple noises or others’ activities.
Problems staying focused during a lecture or class.
Having a tendency to make seemingly careless mistakes.
Problems listening to others because she or he is caught up in her or his own thoughts.
Of course all children are hyperactive to some degree; that is normal. However, children or adults with ADHD show a degree of hyperactivity that is not consistent with children or adults of a similar age. Some examples might include the following:
Problems staying seated, squirming or fidgeting excessively.
Talking excessively.
Difficult playing quietly or doing quiet hobbies for extended periods of time.
Feelings of restlessness and always being “on the go”.
Impulse control essentially occurs when a person engages in a dangerous or socially unacceptable activity without stopping to think about the consequences. People with problems managing impulse control are more likely to be involved in a serious accident. They may have a hard time waiting for their turn or will frequently interrupt or intrude on others.
However, it is possible to help your kids with ADHD at home. ADHD experts will be able to help you develop a treatment plan to treat your child and yourself. Since ADHD requires many different treatment strategies to improve symptoms, most can benefit from a consultation with your provider at Angels Medical. If a person has ADD or a chronic illness, they need help to identify them and to evaluate their treatment plans.
Caregivers for children with ADHD can face challenges for everyone in the family. Parents may be affected by children’s behavior and how others react. Stress from ADHD may cause marriage disputes. These issues may become more complicated if the family has financial burdens associated with ADHD. Siblings with ADHD can sometimes have specialized challenges. They may have been impacted by brothers or sisters who are aggressive or demanding and they are likely also less interested because a child with ADHD requires a lot from their parents.
Behavior modification is considered to be the most effective method used to treat ADHD. It’s especially useful in children taking stimulant drugs and can reduce the dosage of the drug. Behavior therapy consists of reinforcement of desired actions through monetary reward and praise, and reduction of problematic behaviors by setting limits. Among other interventions, a school may reward kids whose ADHD causes a slight raise in their hands before they talk at school.
Ritalin or Addegra can be a stimulant that can help with ADHD. Medicines to manage ADHD can be effective in keeping a young person calm and focused. There’s still little evidence for their improvement in school success or relationship and behavior problems. A conversation with your provider here at Angels Medical is essential to your success.
As parents, your children’s treatments are extremely important. It has been demonstrated that avoiding sugar is beneficial to preventing ADHD in adults. It will be easier to treat your child today if your child’s ADHD is diagnosed.
Create a list of your questions.
Make a list of reasons why you believe you or your loved one has ADD or ADHD.
Be open, honest, and pointed with your concerns.
Remember our providers here at Angels Medical are here to aid you in your health journey. We are on your side. We are part of your team. Most importantly, we aim to be Angels for our community and being here for you is part of that mission.
Although hyperactivity has a tendency to subside with age, the inattention and sometimes the impulsivity can last well into adulthood. Behavioral therapy and medications have proven that they are successful ways to treat individuals with ADHD.
Combining therapy with medication is usually effective treatment. Those methods are referred to as multimodal therapies. ADHD is treated using stimulant drugs.
Stimulants are commonly used ADHD medicines. About 75% of kids with ADHD suffer less ADHD when they take fast-acting drugs. Non stimulant drugs are available in ADHD.
ADHD is the official term — no matter if a person has a symptom for hyperactivity or not. This old-school word describes the inattention-based ADHD syndrome characterised by disorganized thinking, confusion of thought and forgetfulness.
Treatments. Standard treatment options are medication, education, and psychosocial counseling. Combinations of these can provide effective treatments in most cases. Several treatment options for ADHD can relieve some symptoms but are not enough.
Many children and adults may have problems with maintaining attention, managing their time, being organized, or following through with their goals and assignments and not even realize that they have ADHD. At our clinic, you will have access to physicians that can review the type and severity of limitations you are experiencing. With this knowledge, you and medical personnel can make a customized treatment plan to help you minimize the limiting effects that ADHD can have on your life.

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English/ Español I went there 2 weeks ago. Took my son there because his pediatrician (Texas Children) was not able to pinpoint the cause of my sons abdominal pain. When I explained the doctor the situation, she immediately said it could be either his intestine or muscle related. Sure enough, it was muscle related.. She prescribed him medicine and rest time (he plays soccer) .. He is doing so much better. I always go there when I feel my primary pcps are not doing a great job. I trust the providers at Ángels Medical clinic./ Lleve a mi hijo hace como 2 semanas, su pediatra (Texas Children) no descubría la causa del dolor en el abdomen de mi hijo, y ordenó exámenes que yo sentia no tenían nada que ver con su dolor. Lo lleve a la clínica Ángel por que los doctores allí son confiables, y la doctora me dijo que podria ser una de dos cosas, el intestino o el músculo. Justo como lo había sospechado era el músculo, la doctora le mando medicamento y ahora mi hijo está mucho mejor… Siempre que mis doctores primarios no están haciendo bien su trabajo, yo voy a la clínica del Ángel y siguiendo sus ordenes mi familia y yo nos hemos sentido mucho mejor. Muy agradecida.

Yo le doi gracias a Dios que la doctora atendió a mi hijo a pesar de que su agenda del día ya estaba llena, le agradezco a la Dra Angelica por aver echo el tiempo de ver a mi hijo con mucha amabilidad y paciencia a pesar de que ya eran las 8 pm y el día avía sido muy largo, gracias por todo y Dios les bendiga en el poderoso nombre de Jesús de Nazaret!

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