10 Little Known Weight Loss Benefits

Houston has a lot going for it, from our awesome housing prices to our great school districts with fabulous resources for children. What we DON’T seem to have in our favor is the health of our neighbors. As a matter of fact, between 2013 and 2017 the percentage of adults in Harris County who rank as overweight or obese on the Body Mass Index climbed from 67% to nearly 75% according to the Texas Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

With 3 out of 4 people in our community facing those unwanted extra pounds, helping our friends and patrons take advantage of all the weight loss benefits they can get by reaching their weight goals, is one of our priorities here at Angels Medical. Of course, while we want to support you in your goals, more than that we want to help establish those healthy habits that are going to help you not only shed the excess weight but keep it off for good.

But hey, we understand that losing weight is not an easy prospect! Lifestyle changes can be overwhelming. In our experience, one of the best motivators for success is to keep in mind all the incredible benefits that come along with modest weight loss.

NOTE: That’s right, MODEST weight loss! It doesn’t take losing 100 pounds to see significant changes in your health. As a matter of fact, according to the Surgeon General’s Report on Obesity in 2001– a modest success as small as 5-15 percent weight loss of total excess body weight alone is enough to reduce the risk factors for some diseases. 

But there are plenty more benefits where those came from! Check them out below.

10 Reasons Losing Weight is Great

    1. Lower Blood Pressure: You’ve probably heard it from your doctor before, but that doesn’t change the positive impact weight loss can have on your blood pressure. As a matter of fact, the correlation is pretty strong between the two. For every pound you gain your blood pressure will go up, and when you lose even 10 pounds it is practically guaranteed to lower your blood pressure. Lower blood pressure means less chance of strokes and heart problems and a boost to your vision and your kidneys. 
    2. Good Bye Allergies!: Here’s a benefit we don’t talk about very often, did you know that losing weight can actually help your body find relief from seasonal allergies? It’s true! Having extra weight can strain your respiratory system and adrenal glands. When you start to shed those pounds your body will actually have less work to do fighting the symptoms which can even go as far as helping you feel like you don’t have seasonal allergies to contend with anymore. Wouldn’t that be nice?!
    3. Food Will Actually Taste Better: A study that was done by Stanford actually found that overweight individuals experience less taste sensitivity. Meaning, when you have too much body fat you’re less able to enjoy the food that you’re eating because your taste receptors are dulled, some experts believe it’s from overuse. When you lose weight you sharpen up those senses again. Perhaps absence makes the mouth grow fonder?
    4. Relief From Sleep Apnea: It’s estimated that 22 million Americans live with Sleep Apnea a condition wherein a person actually stops breathing for short periods of time while they sleep. Interestingly, Swedish doctors conducting sleep apnea and obesity research have discovered there could be an important link between excess weight and your body’s sleep struggles. The results of the study suggest that losing weight actually will reduce the severity of Apnea symptoms (subjects in the study had fewer instances where they stopped breathing during their sleep). What’s more exciting, even when the subjects of the study did have a small amount of weight gain over the following year, the benefits to their sleep didn’t go away, the subjects continued to experience less severe apnea symptoms.   
    5. Better Love Life: There’s just no dainty way to put this. When you have excess weight it’s hard to feel good about yourself. Often obesity brings with it a sense of body shame which can make it hard to feel comfortable being intimate. The tough part is, it’s not all in your head. People with excess body weight often experience low levels of sex hormones and less energy to act on desires. Losing weight can have a very positive impact on your mental desire for intimacy and can help your body produce the hormones and energy needed to help you enjoy your love life again!
    6. More Brain Power: It’s not just in your head… or maybe it is, but the fact of the matter is, excess weight saps your body of resources and forces your various systems to work extra hard to keep up. The effect this has on your daily life can easily manifest as “brain fog”. Various obesity research studies have shown how being overweight can slow down your ability to think, can hamper your ability to switch tasks effectively, and can literally shrink your brain aging you by as much as 10 years. As you might guess, losing weight has a POWERFUL effect upon your brain, freeing up much-needed resources to let your brain work effectively and help you feel sharper than ever. 
    7. Renewed Energy: We’ve already said in a few different ways, but when you start to shoot for those weight loss goals you’re going to see changes in how well your body functions and it can feel like someone finally plugged you back in to really charge your batteries. This happens for multiple reasons including the fact that you’ll be sleeping better, you’re reducing the demand on the various systems of your body, and your body is literally lighter, making it that much easier to accomplish the physical tasks you have on your to-do lists.
    8. You’ll Sweat Less: Let’s be real, these Houston summers are no walk in a park. Our hot and humid climate makes it pretty uncomfortable for everyone, so it’s no wonder extra fat means extra sweat. The great news is when you shed those pounds your body doesn’t have to work as hard to combat the heat and that means less sweat. 
    9. Lower Risk of Cancer: Roughly 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, and yes, obesity is one of the serious risk factors for the dreaded disease. However, there is good news! As you work toward a healthy weight you can decrease your risk of cancer by eliminating inflammation in your body.
    10. You’ll Live Longer: If you can’t tell, there are continual benefits to losing weight! Not only is there a decrease in the health problems you’ll experience, but there is an increase in the quality of life you’ll be living! More energy, less brain fog, better sleep, better love life, decreased risk of countless diseases… It’s pretty clear, with healthy weight loss your life is going to get better! And not just for now. A leaner, healthier you is going to take back YEARS of your life that obesity will steal from you. Science has actually shown that those extra pounds decrease your lifespan and that the opposite is true as well. Which means as you fight for a healthier weight you’re fighting for more years with your children, your spouse, your grandchildren, your friends and all of your dreams.

Don’t let those pounds discourage you from living your best life! Let our team here at Angels Medical help you to unlock all of these incredible health benefits by supporting your goals with a customized weight loss plan. We want nothing more than to see you succeed, and we’re ready to go every step of the way to support you in claiming the best life you deserve!

Today is the perfect day to start changing your life for the better. Walk-in or give us a call and let’s get you started on the path to a healthier, happier you with a healthy weight loss plan!

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